Youth photo hockey star Elsemieke Havenga Dutch team

When you are 18 years old and you have become the hockey world champion, you are convinced that the world is yours. And in a way, it is. You are the centre of attention. And the media world makes you and your team world-famous.

You hear “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” at home and abroad.

When you are 38 and have become a mother, you start to doubt whether the world is yours. You start to worry about the future. It starts with small worries, whether things are going well at school and whether they will come home safely. The reports about global warming, inequality in society and the deforestation of the virgin forest also start small and become bigger every year. Then, when you are somewhere in your forties, you realise that things really have to change in the world. And if you think so, what can you do to contribute to it?

Every child is born with the question: ‘Why? Most people have forgotten ‘the why question’, I have made it my job. I am convinced that by asking questions, we can make the world a better place. Why should I believe that a company produces CO2 neutrally, why should I believe that the differences between men and women have disappeared or why should I believe that that beautiful dress was not made by children’s hands? Why should I believe that, why should you? What you promise, you must deliver. It is my passion to help people tell real stories. Stories that move people, today and tomorrow.