Do you do what you say? Words are important, look around you: it is the words that take you or leave you. In political campaigns they are crucial. Obama won the elections with ‘Yes, we can’. But then it starts: are we going to do it? Can you live up to your words? In politics, especially in our coalition landscape, that is sometimes quite difficult. However, in ordinary and certainly in working life, you must always strive to give meaning to your words. Otherwise, you will lose credibility as a leader of your organisation and people will become disappointed. Keeping to what you say or promise is the most difficult thing in organisations, not least because circumstances can change rapidly these days. Therefore, doing what you say is different from being stubborn. Therefore, after the ‘words’, it is good to share the plan of ‘doing’ and come up with examples that show that you do what you say. Take the simple things that are visible, such as handing in your input for the meeting in advance. So saying and doing. And that is often a problem.

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