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Source: NH Nieuws In the series ‘Icons’, NH News adds a new portrait to the gallery of honour of Noord-Hollands greatest. This week it is hockey star Elsemieke Havenga-Hillen. In the 1980s, she won everything there was to win in her sport: from Olympic gold to several world titles. Read the full article and/or watch […]


There was another Corona press conference and another one tomorrow. A new cabinet, a new Health Minister; one who knows what he is talking about. That is very nice and helps. But, have Mark Rutte and Ernst Kuipers done so much better and differently in terms of communication than in the past press conferences?

Youth photo hockey star Elsemieke Havenga Dutch team

When you are 18 years old and you have become the hockey world champion, you are convinced that the world is yours. And in a way, it is. You are the centre of attention. And the media world makes you and your team world-famous. You hear “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” at home and […]


Just a few more minutes and she will be gone: Angela Merkel. Who would have thought that a smart girl from a simple family in the GDR would become Chancellor of Germany? That by staying very close to herself she would last so long? To put it in a nutshell: This is authentic leadership. Actually, […]

blog on communication everything stands still with photo of press conference

Without communication, everything stands still. Perhaps that is why we communicate all day long. Often it goes well, but very often it does not. How often do you experience miscommunication? I recently saw a short film that explained exactly the core of miscommunication. Words that pass from one to the other in the form of […]

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Do you do what you say? Words are important, look around you: it is the words that take you or leave you. In political campaigns they are crucial. Obama won the elections with ‘Yes, we can’. But then it starts: are we going to do it? Can you live up to your words? In politics, […]