Executive coaching with Elsmieke Havenga in nature

Training to become better

Executive coaching means training to become better. As a leader, you often end up standing alone. Everyone wants something from you. What choices do you make? How do you inspire your people? How do you grow in your role and how do you make others grow? What will make you better? Not the skills, which you have, otherwise you would not be where you are, but your personality as a leader. Your way of communicating, leading, giving and taking space, making decisions, etc. Develop yourself further in these areas, that is what we help you with.

We do not believe in changing people, in fact we start from the principle that it is okay who you are. But by becoming aware of how you do things and why you do them, you will better use your talents. Sport has taught us that you have to train that, only then will you win matches. In business, a lot of matches are played and very little training is done. Crazy right? Training with specialists, doing the right things at the right time to become better. That is what we give you. And we know that with our way of working we also make people happy.

We are also there for experienced leaders, because you are never too old to learn. It is often only about that listening ear, reflecting for a while and gaining energy again. All this with the aim of making you happy in what you do.

For whom: Executive coaching for leaders and leaders-to-be who have the ambition to grow further and become even better. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact me.

Business Ethics Training

In the coaching sessions, there is a lot going on and, of course, the question: How do you motivate people and how do you make contact? These are logical questions, but the present time demands that even more attention be paid to the moral side of this. What do you do and don’t do? What can you say to a colleague or employee? What is the ethical compass of the organization and of you? And most importantly, what is experienced as transgressing? That’s why we developed a practical and effective online course: Business Ethics.

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