pressroom with photo of a table with microphones

Welcome in the Pressroom

What is the story you will tell when you are CEO, who shares the new vision with all stakeholders. If you are a team leader who has to build a new team after a reorganization or if you go public as a family business. We test your story in the Pressroom. We ask critical questions about what you say and why you don’t say something. In the Pressroom it becomes clear whether your story will land in the right way in the world around you.

The world is one big Pressroom

10 years ago people got away with standard answers. Not anymore today. The other determines whether what you say is true. And if the other person has doubts, he/she will look for the right answer. And then it doesn’t matter whether you speak in front of a large group, a select group or people from your team. Telling a real story, that’s what it’s all about. A story that originated from the depths of your being, your team or your organization.

Together we create the right message

Am I an expert at storytelling? According to people I’ve worked with, yes. How did I become an expert? I have become an expert by training a lot. Training to get better every day. Training is not only essential for top sport, but just as much for business. If you want to convey the right message, you will have to prepare well. Am I talking about media training? Yes also. But not only that you have to train. You should also train how to deal with complicated questions and questions that you prefer not to hear. And you also have to train your team or your organization to get the right message across.

Tell who you are, show who you are

Over the years, I have helped professionals, teams and organizations to clarify who they are. I also taught them how to effectively share their story with the world around them. If you want to know more about what the Pressroom can do for you, click here for more information.

The Pressroom in VR

Nothing beats personal contact, and that is the basis of every training course we give. But the past period has taught us a few things. One is that if it cannot be done physically, not everything has to stand still. There is also a lot that can be done online. Top, but we go one step further: We use Virtual Reality to learn and, above all, to practice in a different way. For example, for a presentation. You can practice your presentation in different virtual rooms. Real-time measurements include: speaking pace, word usage, intonation, direction of view, emotion, etc. It is a way to gain more confidence and above all to get used to a room or an environment in which you have to give a pitch, for example.

Trainings where we use VR: Presentation training, media training, leadership communication, sales pitch, listening.

Presentation training