presentation techniques in a room

Presentation training courses pay for themselves quickly

Executives and managers need to be able to make good, preferably inspiring presentations. Today, not only on stage, but also online. The story doesn’t change, but the way you tell it does. A few have great talent for this, but most people will only get to a satisfactory level of presentation through training and coaching. After all, managing is your daily job, not presenting. And by the way, even great speakers like Obama are always coached in this.

We believe that everyone is capable of creating something beautiful if you dare to present from your own personality. The core of our coaching is: how do you bring a clear, inspiring message with your personal power? How do you make contact, because in the end that is what it is all about. Understanding how you come across and where your strengths and weaknesses lie, is of great importance. From there you will grow.

A few examples of women who have made really beautiful things. Stories that I think touch everyone, for example Angela Merkelwith her May 5 speech or Elanor Roosevelt gelijke rechten voor vrouwen in 1946.

We therefore work with video feedback. Seeing yourself back often always works.

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