Without communication, everything stands still. Perhaps that is why we communicate all day long. Often it goes well, but very often it does not. How often do you experience miscommunication? I recently saw a short film that explained exactly the core of miscommunication. Words that pass from one to the other in the form of a piece of clay. At the end of the conversation, the clay is totally deformed. And this deformation of the piece of clay is something we do ourselves. We all have prejudices, opinions, you name it, with the result that the message is always interpreted or received differently. With all the consequences this entails: arguments, disappointments, wrong decisions, clients who walk away. How would it be if you had more insight in how to prevent this? That you know how to make the message land? You would be a lot more effective, you would score better with your team, your employees and your customers. And to be quite honest: it is not very complicated, but you do need to pay attention to it. Think of a media training course or executive coaching. If you want to know more about how to improve your communication, please contact me.