Chairman Elsemieke Havenga in conversation

A good chairman is more than that

You have spent months preparing a presentation for colleagues, shareholders or franchisees, for example. Internally, expectations are high. Have we forgotten anything and is everything technically sound? Will everyone be on time and will the story come across well? Externally, too, expectations are high. Is this the story that will make the difference? Are we getting to hear a vision that connects us all? Are my expectations being met? Will I go home with a good feeling or not?

An experienced chairman often makes the difference on such a day. Such a chairman quickly senses what is going on in the room, adjusts where necessary and in this way the meeting is steered in the right direction. And not just on the day itself, but also in the preparations. Are the presentations clear or do they raise questions in the room? And if there are questions, can we answer them adequately? What is strong about the story and what is weak or missing? A good chairman is a sparring partner in the preparation and a director during the meeting itself.

What they say: “Elsemieke Havenga is a highly competent discussion leader and chairperson. With her extensive expertise in the field of media, sports and communication, she is always looking for the ‘real story’. She does this sharply where necessary, but also tactfully and with humor.”